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How Digital Marketing Help Local Auto Repair Shop. Auto repair shop marketing

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 A local Auto Repair Shop reached out to us not to long ago to evaluate their current Digital Marketing Strategy. After looking into their company and all the different ways of marketing they were using, we discovered that they were spending a lot of money on marketing and getting no results with zero new customers. 

They were utilizing and paying for Google ads, a website, coupons, Social Media, emails, reviews and other digital channels. However, none of these were bringing in new clients for the business. When in fact these are all proven methods for generating new clientele. So, what was the problem you ask? This is when we come in and use our expertise in trouble shooting and implementing real estate investor marketing strategies that have produced results in generating new clientele.  

How Digital Marketing Help Local Auto Repair Shop

After looking into the company, we discovered that the problem was their marketing method had no strategy. Their marketing was not in order and was poorly organized with no goal in mind. This caused many problems in their marketing tactics. One example was where their clients were not able to see all the great services they were providing. The marketing company they were using at the time did not have the Shops best interest in mind. They were using the Shop to benefit their own business. The reviews that their customers were writing were not being put in the right channels where it could reach the right audience. 

Their website was not integrated with Google reviews, client phone numbers, the shops’ software, emails, calendar, etc. The way we organized the entire marketing process was we redesigned their website and made it more user friendly for their clients. Now their clients are able to make online appointments on the website, get coupons, message the shop and more. Customer reviews are on their website now as well where before it was not.

Next, we modified Google Listing (which is free of charge) with fresh Pictures. We implemented a new software where the customer can leave a review on Google, Facebook or on the shops’ website. The new software also alerts the shop that a client has made an appointment. 


Digital Marketing Transforming Local Auto Repair Shop

After six months under our Marketing company their new clientele increased by over 60% even during Covid-19 pandemic. Their Google reviews increased by 70% in six to eight months. During those six months and to present day their website is being SEO (Search Engine Optimized)

With this in mind we have to always remember that every company and their marketing strategy is very unique and different in its own way. Some companies may take shorter to get new clients some may take longer.

What are you waiting for? We are one stop solution for real estate investing marketing such as PPC and SEO, and much more. Give us a call and we can help you increase your sales!

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