Importance Of Blog For SEO | 3 Reasons Why A Blog Is Essential For SEO

Importance Of Blog For SEO | 3 Reasons Why A Blog Is Essential For SEO

Find Out the importance of blog for SEO that help your online business strategy. As a matter of fact, most successful online businesses already have successful blogs. And the ones that don’t are actually lagging behind.

In fact, if you start today, you could be at the top pages of google for a few dozen keywords. You will be making thousands of dollars more simply by ranking #1.

If you still aren’t convinced, here are three reasons why SEO Blogging is essential for any business. Read the complete blog to know the significance and importance of blog for SEO.

1. You can get to the top of Google Searches more easily

Let’s address the elephant in the room and say that the biggest benefit of having SEO. Blog Posts help you get in the top of Google SERPs more easily. Google love fresh and updated contents. In fact, most of the top search results you find in google will have blogs in their sites.

An SEO Blog increases the visibility of your site by having more information that could possibly appear in the top page of google. This happens through proper keyword research that is favored by the Search Engines. And great content writing that keeps users engaged for longer. Google sees this and compares your bounce rate to your competition’s. If yours is greater than theirs, you might jump a few extra positions in your ranking. Note: a lowered bounce rate is not the only factor, we’ve skipped over a few important factors like Domain Authority, Keyword Difficulty, etc.

Finally, SEO and UX is mainly about linking. It reducing the time it takes for clients to get from one starting point to another point of interest. Although external links to your site are important, the internal links of your websites are arguably as important. And every blog post you write is an opportunity for this link building. An added benefit of this link building is that it improves even further Google’s indexing of your pages.

2. More Content means more Clients

Moving on, the part that probably got you interested in SEO and digital marketing in the first place. “more content means more clients”. Now, what does this mean? It means that every blog you post, is an opportunity for traffic to your site to increase as people find it online, which leads to new possible clients, which leads to more actual clients.

That’s why a Blog that puts SEO first will succeed over a Blog that doesn’t. Because over time the SEO Blog will continue to get visitors to that post, while the other, fades from the face of google as people don’t actually search for the topic touched upon on the post.

3. You can give better support by writing detailed FAQ answers

Finally, the most underrated benefit of an SEO Blog is the ability to provide support to readers and potential clients alike. Let me explain:
Continuing with the earlier example, let’s say you are a real estate agent, and you notice that many potential clients ask about the cost of remodeling a house and its potential benefits. You could write a 100-word, the non-SEO answer to this so that only people that find your site actually get their question answered, or you could provide a 1000-word, keyword research, SEO post that gets both potential clients on your site and people searching on google. This opens up the pool infinitely because now it’s not only people already on your site, now it’s also people that didn’t even know about you before reading that post and now are possibly interested in working with you.

This also brings us back to other two points since you know it’s something people search for frequently since you get asked about it often, meaning you’ll get consistent traffic to that post; and, after reading that post, you will probably get people interested in engaging with your business specifically.


If you still aren’t convinced, I don’t know what to tell you, it’s your loss. But if you understand what you stand to gain from SEO Blogging, good luck on your journey. And remember that, if need be, Digital Marketing Netic is here to help you, because our job is to make companies succeed! And you can call us for a free consultation anytime. We know the importance of blog for seo and we help small business to get their blog for improving their search engine visibility.

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